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Kool Catz Stuff

Crafty Stuff by Cool People

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Welcome.  Kool Catz Stuff consists of things I make, things my crafty friends and family make, or other cool stuff I want to share.

I am the mother of 2, the auntie of 3, and a pet mother of 12.  My husband and I do a lot of animal rescue and currently have 5 birds, 3 cats, and 4 dogs...all rescues.  By supporting this small business, you're supporting our rescue efforts, so barks and meows and chirps from the whole gang.  We appreciate you!

Please offer suggestions often.  If there's something you would like me to make, just let me know.   Most of the embroidery and sewing items are customizible.  You can edit colors, change material, add names and more.  If you see a design on a towel, but want it on a can be done!